June 12, 2009 “The feedback I got was that the kids really enjoyed having you there and it was a
special treat.  One girl, Georgia, said that what you told her was AMAZING!.....I will
recommend your services highly to everyone on our WCSEP list (Wine Country Special Event
Planners) list.”  (Graduation Party RLS Jr. High School, St. Helena).  Kelly Craig, Special
Events Manager, Merryvale Vineyards

“On August 2nd 2008, Korbel Champagne Cellars hosted a formal Wine Club dinner for 120
guests.  The event ...featured a gypsy theme including.....and psychic readings.  I hired two
psychics.....Of the two, and on her own merits, Christine was far and away the more talented and
professional psychic.  From the initial hiring interview to the departure of the last guest, Christine
was a treasure.  She prepared for the evening well in advance, arrived early, and conducted
herself at all times with confidence and tact.  I was approached several times both during the
event and afterward by guests brimming over with enthusiasm for her readings...”  Lex Du Frey,
Wine Club Manager, P. Korbel & Bros., Inc., Heck Estates Winery, CA.

May 2, 2009, “....I’ve been receiving Tarot Card readings and counseling from Christine over the
past five years, first as a patron of the Russian River Resort in Guerneville, and later in more
personalized settings.....I have always been impressed by Christine’s professionalism....and by
her accuracy in doing Tarot Card readings for me and my friends....” Matthew Porter, M.A.,
MFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist., Guerneville, CA

February 20, 2009 “...As a Reader myself, I have never paid anyone for a Reading more than
once, except Christine.....I must say that she is one of the rare, few individuals that is not only
Gifted with exceptional clarity of Sight, but also with the ability to convey her insights in a clear
and straightforward manner....”Kristoffer S. Mikulak, CA.  415-368-4668

February 16, 2009, “I’ve been working with Christine for nearly a decade.  Her advice is
accurate, thorough and very thoughtful..........extremely honest, she’ll tell you what she sees as
clearly and distinctly as she can, and she does it with love.  She tells all of what she sees, even
when it may not make sense to her.  Usually that means it makes sense to me.........”  Lori L.
Hamilton, President, Managing Partner, What If...Productions, NYC

October 7, 2002: “......Christine brings an integrity and groundedness to her work that sets it head
and shoulders above most psychics....”  Marcia L. Bauman, Ph.D., Point Reyes Station, CA

February 12, 1990.  “....Not only am I continually amazed by your accuracy, but with the way
people relate to you.  You are truly amazing.  I look forward to our next even together.”  Mike
Siegel, President/Exec. Chef, Fete Accompli Caterers Ltd.  NYC

November 25, 1991 “...You have always been delightful to work with and very professional, too.
Your talent has always brought rave reviews and I know I will have a hard time replacing you...”
Wilma Carroll, Agent & Party Planner.  NYC

December 29, 1986, “Although our Board of Trustees event was a couple of months ago, your
performance helped make the evening truly memorable.  Thanks again for the magical touch that
you gave our event....” Susan T. Danis, Coordinator of Special Events, Young Adult
Institute, NYC

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