Numerology is the psychic science of numbers. It gives essentially the same information in terms of the forecasts of your life as Astrology. Your talents, weaknesses, special strengths, challenges, karma, heart’s desire, self image and how you operate in the world are all in your birth name and date of birth. They can be found through the use of various math formulas. Your vulnerable areas of physical and mental health can be found as well.

The time of birth is not required for the formulation of a numeriscope, but the name must be the one on the birth certificate. This holds true even if the certificate states Baby Boy Smith.

Numerology will also reveal the dominant vibration of each year (called a personal year) and what you should be working on in order to reach your goals. It also reveals the dominant vibration of each of the three cycles of your life as well as what you must achieve in this particular life time.

I have found my own chart to be an excellent tool to assist me in my own continued growth. When I work with the vibration of each personal year stress is reduced, I avoid the pit falls of that particular vibration and I continuously get closer to my goals. By being clearly aware of my karma and challenges (which include lack of patience and difficulty with discipline and structure), I am able to overcome them and accept that I need to work with each year’s vibration. This has resulted in a more balanced, contented and healthier me. I would still prefer to rush the nine year cycle and pay less attention to detail and structure, but.........I have found that doesn’t work.

I studied Numerology at the first school of the psychic sciences in New York City, Innervision. The founder, Vera Scott-Johnson was a well known Numerologist who wrote "The Secret of Numbers" with co-author Thomas Wommack. I was privileged to have her as one of my teachers and honored by her encouragement and support.

My numerology readings consist of formulating a numeriscope (chart) which is forwarded to you, a complete explanation of the chart either in person or by telephone and a MP3 or CD of the explanation. I also do compatibility charts should you wish to confirm the wisdom of a relationship choice and its potential long term success.

For further information on Numerology as I work with it check out my articles on this web site.

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