After all these years of study and giving readings, I have never ceased loving the Tarot and being fascinated by how the cards work.  I have had clients insist on asking a question a second time and seen them thoroughly reshuffle this sizeable deck only to get mostly the same cards and the exact same answer.  I have seen clients ask one question while avoiding the really important issue in their lives and the cards have addressed the real issue.  The first time I ever picked a Tarot deck (I was getting my very first Tarot reading at the time) I didn’t want to let it go.  I felt with every fiber of my being that I needed a deck of my own.  The psychic that gave me my first reading also became my first teacher. I later went to "Innervision" to study the Tarot more thoroughly.

My Tarot readings are a combination of the cards and clairvoyance.  I give readings in person as well as over the telephone.  For those that request it, I am happy to tape the reading.  In person, bring your own recording device.  When doing telephone readings of any kind, I will gladly record the reading and mail it to you.

Phone/Skype readings will include a recording forwarded to you if requested ahead of time.

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