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Iím presently enjoying sharing my knowledge, and love, of Numerology through two weekly
radio programs:

Sundays, 7:00PM PST:

ďIíve Got Your NumbersĒ - KGGV, 95.1 LPFM
Live Stream: 707-869-1131

Tuesdays, 9:00PM PST, Weds. 12:00AM EST

ďBy the NumbersĒ - WGGM, blogtalk radio

Both are interactive programs during which you are welcome to call in with Numerological

We talk about what is revealed by the birth date; the personal years, destiny, achievement
number, cycles, challenges: The formulas for obtaining them and their meanings. We also talk
about all the information contained in the birth name; such as the motivation (or heartís desire),
the impression which shows how we ideally see ourselves and the expression (how we carry on
in the world). The birth name also reveals karma, the cornerstone (foundation on which life is
built), our initial emotional responses to things, and much more.

I have, and will again, illustrated how a chart is done and what is revealed through discussing the
charts of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Margaret
Sanger, Josephine Baker, and Mae West.

On KGGV, I have done one show discussing the similarities (and possible differences) in the
information obtained from Astrological and Numerological charts. My guest was my Astrologer
Nikki Dohn ( We compared Josephine Bakerís charts on this program.
Iím planning more shows with Nikki.

I have just started my program on WGGM and Iím presently covering some of the very basics. I
am planning, in the future, to have guests whose charts are explained, step by step, on the air.
Iím also planning some shows discussing Historical Figuresí charts.

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