Numerology & health by Christine Therese Laporte

The personal year not only indicates what needs to be focused on
during the year, but also serves as a guide for avoiding and/or
mitigating pitfalls including health issues.  The following is a list
of what health vulnerabilities to look out for in each personal

1 Personal Year
    -Head and sense organs

2 Personal Year
    -Nervous System and Kidneys

3 Personal Year
    -Throat, Liver and glands

4 Personal Year
    -Teeth & Bones

5 Personal Year
    -Sex Organs

6 Personal Year
    -chronic illnesses tend to develop under this vibration

7 Personal Year
    -tire easily
    -This vibration hides conditions

8 Personal Year
    -digestive tract
    -girth control

9 Personal Year
    -Risks of physical exhaustion, fevers and accidents 
    -emotional/mental health issues.
The three challenges, particularly the Major Challenge, are
strong indicators of potential health problems and should be paid
attention to in planning strategies for staying healthy and vital. 

1  Challenge (challenge of independence)
    - Head and sense organs may be susceptible
        -Lots of sleep and Vitamin A are good for you.

2  Challenge (challenge of super-sensitivity)
    -Kidneys, nerves and lymph glands
        -Vitamin B important

3 Challenge (challenge of social contact)
    -Throat, Liver and glands
        -there is a need for Vitamin C

4 Challenge (challenge of self-discipline)
    -Teeth, bones, circulation and intestines
        -calcium and Vitamin D important

5 Challenge (challenge of self indulgence and change)
          -Addictions (to anything that pleases the senses, food 
    -Sex organs and nerves
        -may need Vitamin E supplement

6 Challenge (challenge of intolerance)
    -Heart and Spine, chronic illnesses of any sort may occur
        -Vitamin E

7 Challenge (challenge of fear)
          -Congestion, insomnia, nervous disorders and glandular              
      (Difficulties in diagnosing)
    -Addictions, particularly drugs and alcohol
        -multiple vitamins, mineral supplements and lots of water

8 Challenge (challenge of materialism)
    -Stomach, nerves and solar plexus
    -tendency to overweight and high blood pressure
        -exercise and frequent check-ups   

9 Challenge - There is no 9 challenge

From the above information, we can deduce that if you have a five
major challenge and are in your five personal year, you need to

take particular care not to overdo alcohol, avoid recreational
drugs and engage in safe sex only.  Regular Pap smears for women
and regular checks for testicular and prostate abnormalities in
men would be important for someone with a five major challenge.

Someone who has an eight challenge and is in an eight personal
year should make sure to balance ambition, financial and career
pursuits with exercise and proper nutrition.

Other aspects of an individual’s chart enter into play when
focusing on health and Wellness issues.  Using myself as an
example; I have a five intensification (the vibration most found in my
name) followed closely by a preponderance of nines as well as a
five major challenge and six minor challenge.  Of course I
shouldn’t forget to mention my five motivation.  I. Fortunately, have
never been tempted by drugs nor did I find being drunk the least bit
enjoyable.  I did, however, smoke cigarettes for forty years and
easily over-indulge in all things sweet.  I’ve been fortunate in that I
have avoided sexual diseases; that is probably due to being taught
early, and thoroughly, about sex and how to protect myself from
pregnancy and STD’s. 

The six subchallenge combined with my four karma would point to
the potential for  my early spinal problems; a curvature that was
fixed in my teens with therapeutic exercises.  The four karma should
have warned me about the potential fragility and weaknesses of my
teeth.  An early diet high in calcium, which I have continued all my
life, has kept my bones strong.

All those fives, combined with all the nines and my eleven/2
expression would certainly indicate my tendency to over-
emotionality, stress and anxiety and potential for emotional break-
downs (luckily avoided through therapy).

In conclusion, I once again stress that a chart cannot be used as a
substitute for regular medical check-ups and/or treatment.  It is,
however, a good guide for maintaining wellness through having an
idea where one is the most vulnerable in order to practice the best
preventive measures possible.

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