I entered the world, rather reluctantly, in Paris France more years ago than I care to talk about. I was healthy with the usual count of fingers and toes as well as six senses instead of the usual five. According to my mother I displayed my sixth sense even before I could talk. I was a friendly smiling baby whose non-smiling facial expressions told her when someone was insincere. I expressed my dissatisfaction with having to go through helpless infancy again (apparently I’ve had many incarnations) by rushing my development toward independence. I started standing at seven months, had a small vocabulary at nine months, skipped walking and went directly to running. I was a very clear spoken toddler who unfortunately shared her psychic insights out loud and in public. Nobody appreciates a knee-high child asking them why they’re lying. My mother, having had psychic experiences herself, did not challenge me or accuse me of having fantasies or lying. All she did was keep telling me: "Tell mommy later." I did learn that much. One of the problems was that I did not realize until around the age of seven that everyone did not have six senses. I could not understand why people bothered to lie when everyone had to know they were. In my childhood, my abilities kept me safe and I was too busy playing, learning, running to really develop them or wonder about them too much.

I became really scary to others in my teen years. It seems puberty causes psychic abilities to surface in a major way. In addition, my censor was not fully operative. I would answer the phone using the name of the person calling before they had said a word. I answered questions that had not been asked out loud yet. Parties and all other large gatherings were difficult for me because I would know what others were really feeling, even sometimes what they were really thinking. Trust me when I say most of it is not all that interesting and way too much information to boot. I saw a lot of things I didn’t want to know, as well as a few I did. At the time, the things I didn’t want to know along with being so different from my peers as well as noticing many of these peers were very nervous around me made me feel this was a gift I really didn’t want.

I then proceeded to do everything I could to suppress my psychic doesn’t work too well. Somehow I got through high school and college with a good average. I still knew things I had no way of knowing, and large gatherings were still not a lot of fun. Although a bit of a hippie I stayed away from drugs. I was seeing enough strange things without synthetic help. After my college graduation, I could not get work in profession. My abilities had not helped me select the right major. I graduated with a BS in social work right at the time that Nixon’s cut-backs put thousands of experienced social workers with Masters degrees out of work. Funny, when I think about it I did end up doing a form of social work. A year or two later I met a woman who did readings, although very skeptical about Tarot cards I had a reading with her. She picked up on my psychic abilities, I instantly fell in love with the Tarot and she became my first teacher. I was delighted to finally learn how to control and channel my abilities, and possibly put them to good use. I started out giving free readings. I wanted to be sure I really did this reading stuff effectively. I turned out to have a high accuracy rate, started charging. A profession I loved was born.

I outgrew my teacher, connected with a teacher at Innervision, and moved on to learn the cards thoroughly. I took classes in Numerology, Palmistry, the Kabala, and healing as well. It hasn’t been just about the psychic disciplines, it has been a spiritual journey as well. I would describe myself as a Judeo-Christian spiritualist. In the simplest terms I am a Kabalist. I believe in God, probably not as most people see him/her, reincarnation and karma. Sorry for the over-simplification, it would take too many words and pages to fully describe my belief system.

I do believe professional psychics need to not only have high accuracy, but be compassionate, good communicators, free of life style judgments and free of the need to create dependency on them in their clients. Most of all, they need to not be overly impressed with their own abilities.

I became a teacher at Innervision and taught Tarot for ten years. As the school was not-for-profit my payment was free courses. That was fine with me. Just being surrounded by people that were like me was wonderful. I also learned how to control my abilities and socializing became fun.

For many years, I worked straight jobs and did readings on the side. It took me altogether too long to realize I was supposed to be doing readings full time. This was brought home to me when I moved from New York to Sonoma County, CA in January of 1992. I had lived in New York City since I was eight years old, but was never totally a city girl. I couldn’t find any work and finally realized I wasn’t supposed to.

I started to build a following, found a "new-age" store to do readings out of in Santa Rosa. When I moved to Petaluma in 1996, I began doing readings out of a charming store called "Earthwood". I did readings there, even taught some Tarot, Palmistry and Numerology courses. I stayed there until they closed in 2005. I also did, and still do, private readings, parties and plan to teach classes again.

Since January of 2002, I have been living in Guerneville, CA. A very unusual community which is perfect for me. It has the population diversity I loved in New York as well as being a small country town. As it is a resort area, I have a large pool of clients during the season and have a following in the community as well. I presently do readings out of the Coffee Bazaar,  my office and over the telephone.  Check out the rest of my web site for details on the types of readings I do, contact information and the columns/articles I have written.   

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