Gloves would be a much more popular all season accessory if people realized just how much their hands reveal about them. When talking about palmistry, most people think in terms of the lines in the palms. A thorough study of palmistry involves that as well as the length of fingers compared to the length of palm, the shape of the finger tips, the lengths of the fingers in relation to each other, the shape of the nails, the mounts under each finger, the shapes and lengths of each finger phalange, and other details not usually thought of as having any meaning. When I first studied palmistry in New York, I used to practice by reading people’s hands on the buses and subways. If they only knew everything I could see about them even if I could not read the lines of the palms. A palmistry reading will deal with your strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, potential futures in health/love/career. I always speak in terms of potential futures as I was taught, and believe, that all readings are about empowering each individual to allow the positive directions and using their strengths to shift and/or mitigate the negative ones. One of my teachers always used to talk about readings as; "forewarned is forearmed".

Palmistry readings are best done in person.  I can however, do one by phone or web cam. By phone I need a good Xerox/scan/photo-copy of the hands. I need both palm side and top side. I also need both hands, side by side, on the same sheet .  The passive hand reveals what you were born with and the active shows what you are doing with it. I have unfortunately found that there are people that have managed to devolve. (The active and passive hand are determined by right-handedness or left-handedness.

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